About Us

Rule29 is more than just a creative agency. Our focus is on marketing and brand strategies that catalyze business growth by simplifying narratives, surpassing expectations, and creating brands that build meaningful connections with audiences. We go beyond simply scratching the surface to delve deeply into the heart of the matter. Our team is dependable, committed to going above and beyond, and consistently looks beyond the immediate visibility to provide unique insights that help your business stand out and engage effectively.

We believe in making creative matter.

At Rule29, we craft brands that transcend the mundane, and resonate deeply with the desires and aspirations of their audience. Discover how understanding these desires allows us to create connections that are magnetic, drawing people closer and creating lasting bonds.
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Making Creative Matter
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We all can make an impact.

Any business, given sufficient courage, can be a powerful force for good. Our aim is to help your business become increasingly profitable, enabling you to use that profit to make your business, community, and world a better place. We are so dedicated to this ideal that we've become a Certified B Corporation®.

This certification signifies our promise to conduct business that strikes a balance between purpose and profit. In all we do, we remain steadfast in considering the impact of our actions on employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment. In essence, we hold ourselves accountable in every aspect to provide the best solutions for you, your customers, and the world at large.

What it means to B

When it comes to the environment it’s always a challenge, especially in this virtual/hybrid world on how we can best live this out as a company. Here are a few ideas:

Our Values

01. Plan for Success

Our definition of success is more than just profit. Success is purposeful and planned for by the way we carry ourselves, conduct our business, create solutions, and impact the world.

02. Create Enthusiastically

We approach everything with openness and possibility; these are the tools we use to develop business and design solutions that are thoughtful, authentic, beautiful, and unique.

03. Positive Always

Every day, every project, every moment, we have a choice. We work in a way that is filled with gratitude, positivity, and an energy that enhances all who experience it.

04. Work and Live with Intention

We do what it takes to create solutions that are thoughtful, beautiful, unique, and beneficial to the business. Whether at work, at home, or out and about, we live passionately in our unique and personal ways.

05. Smarter Every Day

We strive to be smarter than the day before. We are always learning, and we look at the world strategically to arrive at fresh approaches with intelligent creative implementation.

06. Care Deeply

We pour our hearts into our days. We show up fully and are generous with our time, our talent, and our resources. We consciously choose to serve others, whether colleagues, clients, communities, or beyond. We are better together.

We don’t just talk the talk, we put it into action. Explore how we've translated our values into real-world actions.

Standing With Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine has been devastating as families are separated, evacuated, and forced to fight for their lives. That is why we created a website where individuals could purchase a poster and 100% of proceeds go to organizations making a direct impact to support Ukrainians who need it most.


From 2014 to 2020, Wheels4Water raised more than $1 million and helped more than 19,000 African people receive safe water, sanitation, and hygiene training. How did we do it? We combined our passion for making an impact with storytelling and networking and began fighting the global water crisis in tangible, lasting ways.

Code of Ethics

We believe our collective impact is strengthened by the type of clients we build relationships with and the projects we work on. We collaborate with clients in a variety of B2B industries and value working with positive people on positive projects. We screen projects on a case-by-case basis to ensure that they are a good fit with our values.

We initially evaluate projects rather than clients since many organizations are complex and often engaged in a wide range of activities. For example, it’s possible that we may decline one project while accepting another from the same client, depending on the parameters of each. There may be cases where the parent organization does not meet our ethical criteria in general, and this would lead us to decline all projects from that organization.