VelocityEHS are trailblazing a path towards creating better EHS and ESG solutions for the modern workplace. They approached the Rule29 team looking to cement their identity with a new brand guide, updated set of icons, and a website that can keep up with their big ideas and contributions to the workforce.

Services Provided

  • Brand Story

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Iconography

  • B2B Website

Project Overview


  • VelocityEHS team faced challenge of positioning themselves as relevant leaders in the dynamic EHS and ESG industry

  • Recognized need to redefine branding approach to match depth and breadth of capabilities

  • Journey was about assuming a leadership position in an industry demanding expertise and a forward-thinking approach


  • Rule29 strategically revamped VelocityEHS's website to project forward-thinking dynamism, aligning with evolving landscape of EHS and ESG

  • Developed comprehensive brand guidelines to showcase decades of experience and commitment to shaping the future

  • Introduced purposeful icons, designed to distill complex concepts into easily digestible visual cues, making expertise accessible and engaging


  • Solutions went beyond a digital facelift, involving strategic alignment of identity with aspirations

  • Resulted in a transformed online presence positioning them as industry leaders

  • Served as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence in EHS and ESG

Brand Momentum

VelocityEHS are constantly pushing the envelope in the tech industry, and needed a visual representation to reflect their evolution. Effectively outlining who they are, what they do, and why it matters was going to be essential to giving their new brand clarity and presence.

Our team designed this brand guide with bold colors, textures, font styles, and patterns to help VelocityEHS communicate their brand language both internally and externally. We also developed a color-coded icon library so ensure the end user enjoys a vibrant and engaging navigation experience.

Protecting People, Profits, and the Planet


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Customer loyalty

Rule29 plays at the top of their intelligence.

Interactions with them are always rooted in kindness, curiosity, play, a sense of humor. It’s just fun to work with people who have their priorities right. They take feedback without defensiveness and strive to do a great job. In short, they really care…and that makes all the difference.

Brad Harbaugh

Senior Director, Marketing, VelocityEHS

A transformed online presence not only positions VelocityEHS as industry leaders, but also serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence in the realms of EHS and ESG.


Winner in the Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Awards and Web Excellence Awards