UNICEF Won't Stop

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential from early childhood through adolescence. They never give up, no matter the global state.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Iconography

  • B2C Website Design

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Platforms

  • HTML Emails

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Animation and Motion Graphics

  • Event Marketing

  • Sales Decks

Project Overview


  • UNICEF USA partnered with Rule29 to address challenges posed by COVID-19, seeking innovative solutions to sustain their mission

  • Rule29 collaborated to create impactful virtual experiences amid pandemic-induced restrictions

  • Virtual alternatives were devised collaboratively to ensure continuity of UNICEF USA's life-saving initiatives in the face of pandemic challenges


  • Rule29's dedication to sustaining UNICEF USA's impact remained unwavering despite pandemic challenges

  • Partnered closely with UNICEF USA to orchestrate an extraordinary one-night-only virtual event

  • Played a pivotal role in generating anticipation through diverse messaging strategies, digital platforms, and social assets to inspire attendance and donations


  • Collaborative efforts during the one-night virtual event for UNICEF USA yielded remarkable outcomes

  • Carefully crafted messaging strategies, digital initiatives, and engaging social assets drew substantial attendance and triggered a surge in generous donations

  • Event surpassed initial expectations, highlighting UNICEF USA's resilience and adaptability in overcoming challenges

A Virtual Event to Help Children Worldwide

With the challenges of COVID-19, it was harder for UNICEF and many other nonprofits to lift up those that need it most. Rule29 worked with their team to build excitement for the event through a variety of messaging, digital, and social assets and announcements to encourage attendance and donations.


Celebrity guests and musicians made an appearance


Countries supported


Raised during the event broadcast to help children in need

Impact Through Digital Media

We created a pitch deck to further allow UNICEF to gain exposure and support from key advocates of the UNICEF mission. The deck included specific details about the event and who was performing in each segment, all within a beautifully designed, digital presentation.

You're Invited

We created a series of HTML emails, ranging from save the dates to invitations to appreciative follow-up emails. Animated header graphics, custom iconography, and bold calls to action created a dynamic and informative digital experience.


2021 Winner of the Graphic Design USA Health + Wellness Awards