SuperAwesome, born out of the urgent demands of advancing technology, prioritizes the safety of youth in the digital age. Their security-focused platform ensures parents can trust that their kids and teens navigate devices and the internet safely.

Services Provided

  • B2C Website Design

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Animation and Motion Graphics

Project Overview


  • SuperAwesome aimed to ensure a safe digital experience for kids and teens amidst abundant sensitive content online

  • Recognized the need to redefine branding approach to match depth and breadth of capabilities in an evolving industry landscape

  • Journey focused on assuming a leadership position, showcasing expertise, and adopting a forward-thinking approach in youth digital safety


  • Rule29 employed a multifaceted approach to establish impactful partnerships with major digital corporations, enhancing SuperAwesome’s reach

  • Comprehensive implementation included developing a new website, designing key digital and social assets, and creating impactful animations

  • Effort fortified digital spaces for youth engagement and provided parents with widespread access to digital privacy and security features, effectively addressing online safety challenges


  • Partnerships with major corporations amplified the reach of SuperAwesome's safety features, benefiting a broader demographic of parents and children

  • Development and extension of SuperAwesome’s brand into their website, digital platforms, and animations increased parent adoption of digital privacy and security features

  • Innovative strategy transformed the digital experience for the younger generation, providing parents with unprecedented control and confidence in navigating the online landscape

Prioritizing Privacy

By harnessing innovative technology and a steadfast commitment to child safety, SuperAwesome empowers parents to stay ahead of the digital curve, ensuring that their children's online experiences are not only enriching but also shielded from potential harm. In an era where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, SuperAwesome remains at the forefront, shaping a safer digital space for the next generation.

Structured Security

SuperAwesome began by assessing what platforms are seeing the most activity from kids and teens. Offering their solutions and infrastructure as safety and security features within these respective platforms, they were able to develop a wide network of partnerships with these large digital corporations. With this strong direct implementation, more and more parents gained access to, and were able to take advantage of, all of the digital privacy and security features SuperAwesome has to offer.

Animated content, on average, has a 25% higher impression rate over static imagery when used online.

People will often tell you “a picture is worth more than a thousand words.” Imagine how powerful that same picture would be if it was turned into a video, or a moving animation! We created a set of animations for the SuperAwesome team that are sure to captivate the attention of kids, teens, and all the in-betweens!