Raffles Insurance

Founded in 1983 as a response to the limitations of traditional commercial insurance, Raffles pioneered a revolutionary model centered on shared risk, safety-focused operations, and long-term financial stability. Licensed in the Cayman Islands, Raffles combines the security of Zurich North America with the flexibility of an independent entity.

Services Provided

  • Brand Audit

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Design Thinking

  • User Experience

  • Copywriting and Editing

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Brand Story

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Identity Management

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Iconography

  • B2B Website Design

  • Database and HTML Development

  • UX and UI Development

  • Brochures and Sales Collateral

  • Annual Reports

  • Direct Mail and Invitations

  • Posters

  • Print Production Management

  • Infographics

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Live Action Video 

  • Animation and Motion Graphics

  • Script Development and Voice Over

  • Event Marketing

  • Print and Digital Invitations

  • Pop-up Banners

  • Interior and Exterior Signage 

Project Overview


  • Raffles Insurance engaged Rule29 for a comprehensive brand transformation, involving brand audit, competitive analysis, and design thinking

  • Strategic approach included crafting impactful brand story and identity through blend of user experience, logo design, and B2B website development

  • Navigation of diverse challenges led to successful redefinition and elevation of Raffles' brand presence in competitive market, encompassing print collateral, live-action videos, and animation


  • Rule29's strategy for Raffles Insurance included comprehensive brand audit, competitive analysis, and design thinking to craft compelling brand story and identity

  • Solutions encompassed user experience principles, logo design, and B2B website development

  • Approach successfully navigated diverse challenges, redefining and elevating Raffles' brand presence in competitive market


  • Rule29's strategic interventions enhancied brand identity and online presence through user experience principles, logo design, and B2B website development

  • Print collateral, multimedia elements, and event marketing materials contributed to dynamic brand narrative, solidifying Raffles' position in competitive market

  • Successful execution of solutions resulted in revitalized brand resonating with audiences and setting Raffles apart in the industry

Brand & Identity

Rule29 seamlessly extended Raffles Insurance's brand into various print materials, from brochures to annual reports. Our approach ensured a consistent and impactful representation, reinforcing Raffles' distinctive identity across diverse print collateral. The result? A unified and compelling brand presence that resonates with audiences and stands out in the competitive landscape.

A Visual Compass

Rule29 meticulously curated Raffles Insurance's brand identity, delivering a cohesive and visually engaging representation. Rule29's precision in this brand guide contributed to a transformed and distinctive image for Raffles in the competitive market.

Seamless Digital Experience

From strategic UX and UI development to crafting a compelling brand story, our work resulted in a user-friendly and visually engaging online platform. The B2B website design reflects Raffles' distinct identity, offering visitors a seamless experience that aligns with the brand's values. Rule29's contribution extends beyond design; it's about creating a digital space that resonates with audiences and reinforces Raffles' position in the competitive market.

Navigating Membership

Rule29's expertise extended to enhancing Raffles Insurance's member portal, prioritizing user experience and functionality. Our team implemented intuitive design elements and seamless navigation, ensuring members access information effortlessly. The result is a streamlined and user-friendly portal that aligns with Raffles' brand identity, providing members with an enhanced and efficient digital experience.

Anchored in Partnership

This Annual Report celebrated strong financial data as well as the ideal of being anchored in partnership with a fleet of seaworthy companies. The details echoed this story of working together to navigate business challenges as a strong fleet.

Referrals at Work

This impressive banner, a tradition spanning several years, stands as a testament to the exponential growth of Raffles' captive through referrals. At the heart of the exhibit are the founding companies, whose initial referrals set the stage for Raffles' expansion. Each year, the branches of the tree are updated to reflect the continued growth, showcasing new additions and partnerships that have contributed to the flourishing network.

Emails Setting Sail

Our team combined creative design with effective messaging, ensuring each email delivered a visually appealing and impactful experience. From strategic content placement to responsive design, our approach enhanced Raffles' communication strategy, fostering meaningful connections with recipients. Rule29's HTML emails contribute to a cohesive brand image, reinforcing Raffles' identity in every digital interaction.

Brand Impact

Rule29's strategic interventions led to a comprehensive brand evolution for Raffles Insurance, addressing challenges through a meticulous brand audit, competitive analysis, and design thinking.


Years of client engagement


Partners in the captive (~2023)


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