From refining messaging strategies and conducting competitive analyses to crafting a distinctive logo, developing brand guidelines, and redesigning a user-friendly B2B website – our multifaceted approach revitalized MicroAire's brand presence, fostering innovation and excellence in the dynamic realm of medical technology.

Services Provided

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Copywriting and Editing

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Identity Management

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Information Architecture and Sitemaps

  • B2B Website Design 

Project Overview


  • Refined messaging strategies and conducted competitive analyses

  • Crafted a distinctive logo and developed brand guidelines

  • Redesigned a user-friendly B2B website, revitalizing their brand presence in the medical technology sector.


  • Collaborated on a complete brand and digital transformation

  • Strengthened MicroAire's identity through targeted messaging and a new logo

  • Optimized user experience via website redesign, aligning modern aesthetics with business goals


  • Rule29's transformative initiatives led to tangible results for MicroAire

  • Revamped brand identity and website design increased user engagement

  • MicroAire now stands out in a competitive landscape with a strengthened brand presence

Crafting Distinction

Experience the transformation as Rule29 designs a set of logos that truly embody MicroAire's identity, setting them apart in the market. The result is a distinctive set and memorable logos that reflect MicroAire's unique character. 

Setting the Standards

Rule29 created comprehensive brand guidelines for MicroAire, ensuring a unified and impactful brand identity across all touchpoints. Every element, from colors to typography, imagery, and messaging, was meticulously curated for creativity and precision. These guidelines provide a foundation for consistent and memorable brand presence in marketing collateral, digital communication, and beyond. Rule29's commitment to excellence sets a standard that aligns with MicroAire's unique essence in the market.

Revolutionizing Surgical Precision

In a testament to MicroAire's unwavering commitment to surgical innovation, Rule29 redesigned PAL device to set a new standard for excellence. MicroAire merges decades of legacy with cutting-edge aesthetics, delivering a tool that not only empowers surgeons with unparalleled precision but also enhances the overall patient experience. 

Enhancing User Experience

MicroAire continues its legacy of innovation with the launch of a revamped website, offering a user-centric experience that reflects our dedication to excellence. Collaborating with a leading web development agency, the new site seamlessly combines cutting-edge design with intuitive functionality. Explore our case study to witness the transformative journey as MicroAire redefines its digital presence, providing surgeons and stakeholders with an immersive platform that mirrors our commitment to pushing the boundaries
of surgical precision.

Elevating Excellence

Embracing the spirit of continual evolution, MicroAire proudly extended its updated logo and brand to its brand guide, website, and other collateral. This comprehensive brand update, meticulously crafted in collaboration with industry experts, signifies a new era in the MicroAire journey. 

Flexibility Fuels Success

What's most impressive about our collaboration is their team's flexibility.

Elias Jones

Communications & Creative Solutions Manager, MicroAire