Marrow dedicates itself to acquiring and nurturing businesses committed to using profit for a purpose. Focused on business as a force for positive change, Marrow champions a new era of purposeful growth.

Services Provided

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Story

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Name Development

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Identity Management

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Iconography

  • B2B Website Design

  • Information Architecture and Sitemaps

  • Google Intranet

  • Social and Digital Strategy

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Platforms

  • HTML Emails

  • Google Slide Presentations

  • Branded Print Collateral

  • Animation and Motion Graphics

Project Overview


  • Rule29 navigated the complexities of the Marrowverse, encapsulating businesses leveraging profit for purpose into a concise narrative

  • Task required delicate balance to ensure comprehensibility and resonance of multifaceted Marrow ecosystem components

  • Successfully crafted narrative that captured complexities of Marrowverse while remaining impactful and resonant


  • Rule29's commitment to clarity and precision unraveled complexities of the Marrowverse, distilling its essence across platforms

  • Innovative approach created compelling and accessible portrayal of unique ecosystem, ensuring Marrow's purpose-driven narrative resonated authentically

  • Strategic storytelling and visual representation helped Marrow's narrative resonate with diverse audience


  • Revitalized Marrow brand with strategic logo tweaks, injecting renewed energy and modernity.

  • Comprehensive brand guide captures Marrow's purpose-driven approach, empowering unified understanding and messaging guidelines.

  • Equipped with Brand Playbooks for internal use, ensuring cohesive application of the brand across all touchpoints, reinforcing values, vision, and identity.

Business From the Inside Out

Marrow is dedicated to initiating, acquiring, and nurturing businesses with a shared commitment to leveraging profit for purpose. With a focus on utilizing business as a force for positive change, Marrow promotes a new era of purposeful business growth.

The Marrowverse is a unique ecosystem, intricately composed of an inner and outer hub of businesses, each playing a vital and distinct role in the overall structure of Marrow. For Rule29, a key aspect of our mission entailed the challenge of effectively encapsulating the intricate inner-workings of the Marrowverse into a concise and impactful narrative.

A video about Marrow Announcement
Marrow Announcement

Brand Guide

We designed Marrow's brand guide to encapsulate its unique essence, capturing the spirit of their purpose-driven approach and commitment to utilizing profit for meaningful impact.

With this guide, stakeholders across our ecosystem will have a unified understanding of our visual identity, messaging guidelines, and brand voice. From our visual elements, such as logo usage and color palette, to our tone of voice and key messaging pillars, the brand guide serves as a compass, empowering our team, partners, and supporters to authentically represent Marrow and effectively communicate our mission.

Unleashing the New Marrow

Through this ambitious journey of transformation, Marrow is poised to redefine its place in the market, resonate with its customers, and establish a compelling and distinctive brand presence that will carry it into everything they do in the future.

Marrow flips the script on the isolating and exhausting nature of leadership. With a supportive ecosystem focused on shared services, development, and connection, it's a place where leaders can thrive together.

Alli Horst

Managing Director, Core Ventures

Fostering Brand Excellence

Establishing a robust brand goes beyond external marketing; it demands internal alignment. We crafted tailored Brand Playbooks for Marrow, offering members the insights and tools to embody and champion the brand cohesively. These playbooks, rich with guidelines, messaging frameworks, and visual standards, empower internal teams to deliver a unified brand experience, reinforcing the organization's values, vision, and identity across all touchpoints.

The Power of Presentation

The keynote presentation serves as a powerful tool, allowing Marrow to showcase its refreshed essence, articulate its unique value proposition, and demonstrate the transformative impact it can bring to potential members’ lives. With carefully curated content, visually stunning visuals, and a persuasive narrative, the keynote presentation serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and connections.


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