Kiewit Luminarium

Kiewit Luminarium welcomes individuals of all ages to embark on a journey of exploration, engaging with awe-inspiring phenomena through hands-on learning experiences. In collaboration with the vibrant Omaha community, the Luminarium team is crafting an unparalleled space infused with joy and excitement.

Services Provided

  • Design Thinking

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Guidelines

  • B2C Website Design

  • Information Architecture and Sitemaps

  • Database and HTML Development

  • UX and UI Development

  • Landing Pages

  • Content Creation

  • HTML Emails

  • PowerPoint Templates

  • Infographics

  • Direct Mail and Invitations

  • Animation and Motion Graphics

  • Promotional and Launch Campaigns

  • Fundraising Strategy

  • Pop-up Banners

  • Interior and Exterior Signage

  • Wayfinding

  • Exhibit Design 

Project Overview


  • Creating a brand for Kiewit Luminarium involved discarding traditional approaches and venturing into unexplored realms of curiosity to resonate with diverse ages and backgrounds

  • Rule29 was sought out to construct a captivating brand from scratch for Kiewit Luminarium, aiming for a comprehensive identity, launch strategy, marketing campaigns, and physical and digital experiences

  • Objective was to infuse a heightened sense of enjoyment and develop an unprecedented, category-defying experience for Kiewit Luminarium's grand opening


  • Rule29 formulated a comprehensive solution encompassing brand strategy, logo creation, and brand extension for the emerging STEM-focused discovery center

  • Chosen name and brand concept for the Luminarium symbolizes its ability to reveal new realms and encapsulate the joy of learning

  • Collaboration extended to developing a new website, promotional materials, social media graphics, signage, digital marketing initiatives, and captivating displays


  • The dynamic representation of the brand effectively conveyed the experience offered by the Luminarium

  • Collaborative efforts extended to digital, with the new website, social media graphics, and digital marketing initiatives contributing to increased visibility and engagement

  • Carefully crafted displays within the Luminarium, along with well-designed interior and exterior signage, created an immersive and cohesive brand experience for visitors, enhancing the overall brand perception

A navigational compass for maintaining a cohesive and impactful brand presence

Rule29 developed a comprehensive brand guide that encapsulates the essence of the Luminarium brand strategy, offering detailed insights into the thought process behind the logo design and the extension of the brand across various channels.

Within the brand guide, you'll find a visual narrative that explores the brand's dynamic representation inspired by the ever-changing qualities of light, reflecting the transformative experiences that lie within the Luminarium. From color palettes to typography, the guide meticulously details the design elements.

Immersive Wonders

From interactive exhibits to visually stunning presentations, each display was designed to amplify the magic of learning and ensure that every visitor leaves with a sense of awe and discovery. Explore how these displays seamlessly integrate with the overall brand, creating an immersive environment that reinforces the Luminarium's commitment to fostering curiosity and inclusivity.

Building Curiosity, One Pixel at a Time

Using their newly developed brand as a foundation, we helped the Luminarium team design and build a website that embraces a sense of wonder and curiosity while keeping ADA Level AA compliance at the forefront to ensure inclusivity for all website visitors.

Social Posts


The Luminarium website was recognized and featured in the 2023 Web Excellence awards.