Kalamazoo College

Rule29 worked with the Kalamazoo College team to reimagine their critical admissions materials and touchpoints. From messaging development to print and digital creative, we helped reposition K as a sought after institution and a great investment for students’ futures.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Copywriting and Editing

  • Brochures and Sales Collateral

  • Print Production Management

Project Overview


  • Rule29 collaborated with Kalamazoo College to enhance admissions marketing efforts

  • Infused personality and creativity into messaging and admissions collateral to engage prospective students

  • Aimed to forge authentic and emotional connections with families, ensuring a lasting impact beyond traditional marketing approaches


  • Implemented the admissions campaign tagline "Turn Four into More" to breathe life into the concept

  • Infused vibrant colors, full-bleed imagery, and subtle textures across admissions materials to capture Kalamazoo College's unique charm

  • Created a visual narrative showcasing Kalamazoo College's distinctive character and academic excellence


  • Strategic visual overhaul resulted in heightened engagement and resonance among prospective students

  • Admissions materials infused with personality and creativity effectively communicated Kalamazoo College's offerings

  • Collaboration demonstrates the effectiveness of a thoughtful and dynamic approach to admissions marketing, leaving a memorable impact on both Kalamazoo College and its prospective student community

Turn Four into MORE

Since their founding in 1833, Kalamazoo College has remained a leading liberal arts and sciences college nationally, offering students high-quality education, superior value, and life-changing experiences. With their innovative K-Plan, Kalamazoo College seeks to open students’ eyes to the world, help them experience things that they may not have imagined were possible, and prepare them for a successful life after college.

Success Beyond Numbers

A life-changing letter needs to needs to make a bold statement. And Kalamazoo College was ready to make a change. The clean, modern aesthetic presents the College as a future-focused and progressive institution. Large typography and eye-catching color choices make Kalamazoo College’s new admissions packet one that students will remember for a lifetime.

The Future is Bright

Using vivid colors, full-bleed imagery, and hints of texture, we sought to illustrate Kalamazoo College’s quirky charm and reputation for academic excellence in a balanced way.