Internet Society

The Internet Society envisions the Internet as a realm of potential and opportunity – a space for collaboration, innovation, and building a better world. It's where we come together, share aspirations, and fortify connections. This global nonprofit is dedicated to preserving the Internet as a force for good: open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Iconography

  • Campaign Landing Pages

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Platforms

  • HTML Emails

  • Infographics

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Brochures and Sales Collateral

  • Live Action Video

  • Animation and Motion Graphics

  • Specialty Packaging

Project Overview


  • Bridging the digital divide requires investment in infrastructure, education, and policies that promote equitable access.

  • Balancing the need for an open Internet with concerns related to harmful content, misinformation, and illegal activities poses a significant challenge.


  • Consistently communicating with visually interesting content is imperative when reaching so many different audiences with technical information and data.


  • Our team worked closely with Internet Society's marketing team to help evolve the brand with new illustrations, icons, ADA compliant interactive presentations and event graphics.

  • Our greatest joy comes from knowing that we are helping further a worthy cause that impacts lives around the world.

Bringing Causes to Life

Personal stories humanize the cause, creating a connection between potential donors and the real-life challenges faced by those without reliable internet access. These narratives shed light on the opportunities that open up when communities gain the ability to connect, learn, and participate in the digital age. 

Delivering on the Internet’s Promise

Preserving what we cherish about the Internet requires collective efforts to safeguard its future against various challenges and threats, urging us to act as stewards of this invaluable resource.

Connect the Unconnected

With nearly three billion people still lacking internet connectivity, there is a substantial amount of work ahead. These landing pages and mailers play a crucial role in guiding donors toward actionable steps to extend this invaluable asset to more individuals, ultimately contributing to reducing the number of those without internet access.

Coming Together for Community Week

Community Week is when Internet Society members worldwide come together online to reflect on the year's upcoming challenges. Here, they ponder questions like how to stop the splinternet, and whether we could make Internet shutdowns a thing of the past.


Branded Swag

To raise awareness and inspire team culture, we worked on creating coasters that were sent out globally to their team. Featuring custom icons and the organization’s values, this simple gesture went a long way for their internal team.

Story in Motion

We also launched a variety of videos for the Internet Society to increase donor awareness and engagement. Videos range from motion graphics to live action or even zoom recordings.

Internet Shutdown

To raise awareness and inspire team culture, we worked on creating coasters that were sent out globally to their team. Featuring custom icons and the organization’s values, this simple gesture went a long way for their internal team. #KeepItOn
A video about Internet Shutdown
Internet Shutdown


Supporting enabling technologies contribute to improved Internet scalability, security, trust, and availability. Pulse tracks global deployment and adoption rates of key enabling technologies like IPv6, DNSSEC, HTTPS, and TLS 1.3.
A video about Internet Society Pulse
Internet Society Pulse
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Creating a Packaging Experience

For their most high-end award, we worked with them on their packaging to ensure it felt prestigious and also safely arrived to the recipient.

An Infographic with Impact

To help message Internet Society's unique sectors and services, we helped design a digital infographic that could be shared quickly online.

Event Checklists

Many branded documents are aimed at internal teams to help Internet Society to maintain high standards when putting on events and other gatherings. The same care goes into the brand for team members to ensure effective outcomes.

A Reliable Partner

Rule29 has been a great extension of the Internet Society team. We have a wide range of work that spans the globe, and Rule29 is a reliable partner that helps to think through each piece and makes sure it’s on-brand and expertly executed. Rule29 is refreshing, transparent, and great to work with.

Beth Gombala

Creative Director, Internet Society