Blackberry Market

Blackberry Market gave us the opportunity to help craft the brand experience from the ground up and as they continue to grow. People buy with their eyes, and we wanted everything about the Blackberry Market experience to be thoughtfully and deliciously presented. We also wanted the brand to feel established right from the beginning.

Services Provided

  • Brand Audit

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Design Thinking

  • User Experience

  • Market Research

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Iconography

  • B2C Website Design

  • UX and UI Development

  • Brand Identity

  • Product Packaging

  • Label Design

  • Interior and Exterior Signage

  • Space Planning 

Project Overview


  • Establishing a brand from the ground up for Blackberry Market as a new business

  • Crafting a brand presentation reflecting approachability and established reliability

  • Expanding and modernizing the brand for new locations and designing product packaging


  • Infusing consistency, warmth, and playfulness into every facet of the brand presentation

  • Selecting a harmonious color palette to create a cohesive and familiar visual language

  • Meticulously designing table number signage to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, contributing to an inviting atmosphere


  • Incorporation of a harmonious color palette creating a cohesive visual language aligned with the brand's identity

  • Thoughtful design of table number signage contributing to an inviting atmosphere and overall aesthetic

  • Brand presentation reflecting elegance and taste, while instilling warmth and playfulness for consistent patron experience

Thoughtful Food, Delicious Brand

Rule29 took the helm in designing both iterations of Blackberry Market's logos, with the new emblem serving as the catalyst for the company's profound rebranding journey. The transformative impact of the redesigned logo extended far beyond a mere visual update, signifying a holistic evolution that reshaped Blackberry Market's entire brand identity, which included business cards, letterhead, and stationery. 

Logo Before

Logo After


fully branded locations across two states


Facebook Followers


Instagram followers


of all Blackberry Market's website traffic is from users on a mobile device

We are not going to lie…

We count the amount of Blackberry coffee cups we see out on the streets on any given day as compared to other-large-chain options and are thrilled our packaging can stand up against the options.

Bob Davidson

Owner, Blackberry Market

We partnered with Two Hands Interiors, to decide how to bring both warmth and a casual, playful atmosphere to the market itself.

We talked extensively to the Blackberry Market team, and we used the quote “The table is the place where you connect and belong” to inspire the approach our team would take to create an inviting brand experience.

While we understand how to present food, we leaned on Rule29 to help us present anything the brand needed to lead and influence like the environment, packaging, and more.

Bob Davidson

Owner, Blackberry Market

A Website Catered for On-the-Go Ordering

When Blackberry Market was ready to expand, we gave the brand a fresh update, making it more digital-friendly, flexible, and applicable. We improved the web experience and redesigned it to be more mobile-friendly and able to easily work with multiple locations. Using key elements of the original brand – such as color, voice, friendliness, and aesthetic – we made the brand more robust and ready for future expansion. 

With our photography partner, Wonderkind Studios, and have provided 1,000+ stunning food images for the Blackberry Market team to utilize across the website, social media channels, and advertising opportunities.

One of our favorite things to do is post a picture early in the morning and watch how it can convert into actual customers within hours. For example, if we posted a picture of our steel cut oatmeal at 7am, we would likely see an uptick in oatmeal orders by 9am!

Bob Davidson

Owner, Blackberry Market